Hand-drawn animation celebrating the opening of the 2019 NFL season

Hand-drawn animation, stock overlays and sound effects on live video

Animated GIF stickers featuring on-air personalities

Title animation for ESPN's Fifty 50 Snap show

Interstitial animation for ESPN's Fifty 50 Snap show

Hand-drawn animation on Tyreek Hill interview footage to promote the ESPN Hype Hits playlist

Hand-drawn animation celebrating Ronaldo's 700th goal

This scrolling text piece was used on Sportcenter in late November, 2017, before the 0-10 Cleveland Browns were mathematically eliminated from contention

Conor McGregor morph animation for ESPNMMA

Hand-drawn animation promoting the release of ESPN's The Last Dance and Hamilton on Disney+

Collaboration with Juliana Hatfield for The Undefeated (ink drawings by Juliana, animation by me) 

NBA Finals photoillustration with Avengers "Thanos Snap" animation

I did the text animation for this video edit promoting ESPN's 2017 Ric Flair documentary. The Nature Boy himself liked this enough to retweet it!

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